Will and probate law

To ensure will and probate work is done to the highest standard it is recommended that you find a specialist will and probate lawyer in this area of law.


Specialist areas of will and probate law:

Will and probate solicitors can provide you with advice on all matters concerning:

  • Will writing - drawing up a valid, binding will that will stand up to scrutiny
  • Executor services - elect a wills and probate solicitor to execute your will or, if you have been nominated as executor of another person's will, get a wills and probate solicitor to help you
  • Probate Law - the process of obtaining legal recognition of the validity of a will
  • Trusts - property legally entrusted to a person with instructions to use it for another person, or persons benefit
  • Contested probate - challenging a will

Finding the right will and probate solicitor

It is essential to use the right solicitor. For example, if you want to contest a will you will need a solicitor who specialises in contested probate.

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