Will and probate law

Will and probate law is a specialist legal field which is concerned with ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are met. As such, a will sets out how a person's financial and other assets are to be distributed , and who will care for any children they are responsible for, in the event they die. Probate is the process of administering the deceased's estate such that the intention of the will is implemented in practice.

Will and probate solicitors can provide you with advice on all matters concerning:

  • Will writing - drawing up a valid, binding will that will stand up to scrutiny
  • Executor services - elect a wills and probate solicitor to execute your will or, if you have been nominated as executor of another person's will, get a wills and probate solicitor to help you
  • Probate Law - the process of obtaining legal recognition of the validity of a will
  • Trusts - property legally entrusted to a person with instructions to use it for another person, or persons benefit
  • Contested probate - challenging a will

Finding the right will and probate solicitor

It is essential to use the right solicitor. For example, if you want to contest a will you will need a solicitor who specialises in contested probate.

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