Using a no-win, no-fee lawyer

Lawyers often offer a variety of fee arrangements, and so strictly speaking there is no such thing as a specific ‘no-win, no-fee lawyer’.

A solicitor may offer services for a conditional fee arrangement. Under such a fee agreement the lawyer will only be able to receive fees if the result of the lawsuit is successful.

However, that same solicitor may also offer similar services for clients who choose to pay the fees in a more traditional method. So the solicitor may offer ‘no-win, no-fee’ services, alongside more traditional services.

When might you use no win, no fee?

There are many situations in which individuals would consider hiring a lawyer. No-win, no-fee agreements are seen by the Law Society as acceptable in nearly all legal matters except for criminal cases and family law disputes.

The Law Society has expressed concern regarding these arrangements because for a lawyer no-win, no-fee agreements mean that the lawyer’s finances are directly affected by the outcome of a case.

This in turn makes the lawyer’s interest a personal one and could potentially affect the lawyer’s judgement in their role within the court’s role of pursuing justice.

If you are considering bringing a claim for a civil matter but you are unsure of the costs related to hiring a lawyer, no-win, no-fee agreements may be an attractive option for you.

Is the agreement risk free?

However, you should keep in mind that the process is not risk free. If you happen to lose your claim you might still be liable for the winning party’s legal costs, as well as any disbursements which were related to the claim.

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