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The true cost of conveyancing

  • The headline price quoted by online conveyancers often makes the price look as low as half the price of using a qualified solicitor.
  • But there are significant additional costs that are almost always charged (e.g. for a mortgage) and which make the overall cost of using an online conveyancer much higher.
  • These additional costs, shown below, will typically take the total cost of your conveyancing above that of using a good value solicitors.

A typical breakdown of costs*

(pre-disbursements and tax)
Good Value Solicitors
Average Online Conveyancer

Stamp duty certificatesTransfer bank fees
Extra legal fees for performing searchesExtra legal fees for handling mortgage
The price you are quoted (the legal fees)

*Based on a typical £200k value property purchased with a mortgage. Costs compare a cost-effective solicitor with an average online conveyancer.

Click here for a glossary of conveyancing charges.

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