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Many solicitors now advertise online. However, it can be difficult to find a solicitor who is not only located near to you, but who is also specialised and experienced in your area of law. Then you also need to consider whether a solicitor you find online is reputable and provides a good service.

What services do solicitors offer?

There are many different services which law firms provide. The services are usually defined by the type or law to which they relate.

However, another way to categorise legal services is by the manner in which they are offered. For example, when a solicitor offers conveyancing services it is common for the solicitor to represent the client, i.e. to actually perform a task (signing the document) instead (and on behalf of) the client.

Another type of service would be advisory, where a client comes to the solicitor and receives legal advice regarding a specific matter. As advice is pure information, and no activity must take place, there is no need for the client to appear in person. The information can be transmitted over the phone, through the post or online.

By searching for a lawyer online, you should be able to see instantly from a firm’s website the areas of law in which the solicitor or solicitors in that firm specialise. Using the internet can therefore be a good starting point for researching lawyers if you have a specific enquiry or legal matter.

Be aware, however, that many of the online services on offer are specific to a particular firm of lawyers, which is using the internet to bring in customers. Contact Law is different because it is a search service and not linked to any one law firm. We:

  • Works with more than 5,000 solicitors UK-wide
  • Save you time finding the solicitor to match your needs
  • Can get you a range of quotes to compare services

When is an online solicitor suitable?

Today, you can find many solicitors online. Whilst some solicitors online are just advertising their law firm, others are actually offering to perform their services online. Whilst using solicitors online may be suitable for some types of legal matters, such as conveyancing, for other matters it is not suitable as having a face-to-face meeting with the solicitor is important.

By providing legal advice through email, online solicitors may not get the opportunity to fully understand the exact situation the client is in.

So, whilst researching solicitors online is a good idea, make sure you discuss with any solicitor how they propose to deal with your matter and whether it is suitable to deal with it by correspondence only.

If you are seeking legal information, you are strongly advised not to rely on standard information you may receive from online solicitors. By speaking to a solicitor in person, or at least over the phone, you will be able to better understand your particular legal situation.

For more information on choosing the right solicitor, see our information page, find a solicitor.

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