Solicitors in Telford

Telford is the largest town in Shropshire, one of England’s most rural counties. The town is home to several local Telford solicitors. However the town itself is commonly said to be a collection of smaller settlements, rather than one town. The town’s economy is based on agricultural trade and the service industry, with Telford solicitors offering advice on issues such as family law, commercial and contract law, and criminal law advice.

Using local solicitors

If you live in Telford or one of the towns within it, and you have been accused of a criminal offence, you are advised to seek advice from solicitors in Telford. Such legal professionals will help you understand the charges against you, as well as guide you through the legal procedures you will be expecting.

Or, if you have other personal legal matters you need sorted, such as writing a will, buying or selling property, or separating from your partner, local solicitors in Telford are a good option.

Similarly, many Telford solicitors can offer local businesses full commercial legal services. Having a local solicitor can have the benefit of tailored, personal service catered to your business needs, at a competitive price.

How we can help

Contact Law has over 5,000 solicitors across the UK on its network. We can find the best solicitor for you based on your preferences, such as location, specialty, and price.

Current cases

As one may expect from a rural environment some criminal cases which get the public’s attention are less serious than in the urban areas. An example of such a case is the criminal prosecution of a cyclist in the Telford magistrates’ court. The cyclist was stopped by a police officer after he was accused of inconsiderate cycling. According to reports the cyclist was riding in the left lane but too far into the middle of the lane that he forced cars to go over a solid white line in order to overtake him. The police officer was of the opinion that he should have ridden on the left shoulder of the road, which the cyclist claimed was a gutter.

The judge in the case thought the cyclist should have crossed over to a cycling path, in accordance with the Highway Code, which says cyclists ‘should use cycle paths where provided’. The Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) has reported on the case stating that the law enforcement agencies, the legal professional and the public all seem to be of the opinion that cyclists’ should first and foremost stay out of the way of motorists, an attitude that must be changed.

Whilst this may not be the most dramatic of cases, it does highlight how a relatively simple-looking case can involve many different parties and opinions. And this could always create a precedent, so creating case law. Local solicitors in Telford would then know about this for the future, whereas other solicitors may not.

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