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Staffordshire is a rural county in the West Midlands. The county is home to four main urban areas which are Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Tamworth and Stafford. Staffordshire solicitors offer a wide variety of legal services which depends, in part at least, on where the solicitors are located. Solicitors in Staffordshire who are located in the more rural areas of the county are often agricultural solicitors, whilst the ones that are located in the city provide a different area of expertise.

A recent case involving land law, and particularly planning permission, became a criminal case. A couple had received specific planning permission to build a house by the Staffordshire Moorland District Council. The couple appeared to then ignore the exact details of the planning permission and built the house too high and one third larger than the planning permission allowed. This was not a criminal offence, but the council did make an order to demolish the building.

Understandably, the couple was reluctant to demolish a building they have just completed. Instead the couple tried to remedy the situation by reducing the height of the building to the level permitted, but this was not acceptable. The couple were then issued with a criminal charge for failing to comply with the demolition notice. There was a fine of about £2,800 and they now both have a criminal record.

If you are planning any building works in the near future, it is important you first receive planning permission, if one is needed. It always helps to speak with a legal professional as well. If you live in Staffordshire or you are building there, Staffordshire solicitors and conveyancing experts can help you design the application so that it would have a better chance of being approved.

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