Solicitors in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire is a county in the north of England lying to the east of the Pennines. It is home to over 1.2m inhabitants, over half of whom live in the metropolitan borough of Sheffield. The county of South Yorkshire is today divided into four metropolitan boroughs, of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.


Sheffield remains a leading area for manufacturing, despite the decline of much of the manufacturing sector nationwide. Nevertheless, Sheffield maintains the largest proportion of employment in manufacturing of all the major UK cities. Although absolute employment numbers are fewer, the city’s output has actually increased. Key industries include aerospace, automotives and medical equipment. Other key sectors in South Yorkshire include finance, higher education, and leisure and tourism.

Court services in South Yorkshire

There are several courts in the South Yorkshire region. Principally there are Magistrates, County and Crown courts in Doncaster. Sheffield offers Magistrates and County courts as well as a combined court service. There are also courts in Rotherham and Barnsley.

Profile of solicitors in South Yorkshire

Solicitors in South Yorkshire are spread across the county, although there are some concentrations in the urban centres of Barnsley, Mexborough, Rotherham and Sheffield. Solicitors in South Yorkshire offer a broad range of legal services both for individuals and businesses both small and large. As you may expect, there is a greater choice in the cities and larger towns, although there are solicitors in South Yorkshire based rurally and in smaller towns and villages.

Services offered by solicitors in South Yorkshire include:

  • Conveyancing of both residential and commercial property
  • Commercial litigation
  • Divorce law, separation and family law
  • Personal injury and accident claims
  • Clinical negligence
  • Employment law
  • Mental health law
  • Immigration law

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