Solicitors in Middlesex

Although Middlesex is no longer technically a county, the area that used to be Middlesex retains many institutions named after the county. The London Government Act 1963 and the Administration of Justice Act 1964 effectively abolished Middlesex with most of it becoming part of Greater London, including many of the North West London boroughs. In addition, some parts of Middlesex became part of Hertfordshire and Surrey.

How we can help

Contact Law has over 5,000 solicitors across the UK on its network, including many solicitors in Middlesex and surrounds. We can find the best solicitors in Middlesex for you based on your preferences.

Using local solicitors

Using local solicitors in Middlesex has the advantage of:

  • Local knowledge
  • Easy face-to-face contact
  • Lower fees compared to large central London firms

Civil and commercial solicitors in Middlesex

If you wish to bring a civil claim then you should also enlist the help of solicitors in Middlesex. Your solicitor will be able to help you to prepare the claim form and send it to the correct court.

Legal services in Middlesex

If you decide not to use solicitors in Middlesex, you may wish to take some advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau to assist you with your case. You can phone or e-mail the Citizens Advice Bureau to obtain the address of your nearest CAB.

Criminal solicitors in Middlesex

If you are arrested for a criminal offence in the area you should immediately contact solicitors in Middlesex. Your solicitor can provide you with advice at the police station and sit beside you when the police are asking questions to ensure they do not exceed their powers.

If the police decide to charge you with a criminal offence, then you may have your case heard at the Crown Court or at the magistrates’ court, depending on the seriousness of the offence. You may have some choice in where your case is heard and it is important that you contact solicitors in Middlesex to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each court.

Whether you are after top-end solicitors, cheap solicitors or no-win, no-fee solicitors, Contact Law can help. For business, conveyancing, commercial, criminal, employment, redundancy, unfair dismissal, defamation, family or divorce solicitors, Contact Law has the right solicitors for you.

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Important information

For [selected AoL] law, solicitors will charge a minimum fee of £250 to provide an initial consultation and written opinion on your case. We have a number of recommended law firms in our network who could provide this service to you at the most competitive price. If you would like to proceed, click ‘Paid advice’ below and one of our advisors will call you on a free-of-charge basis to discuss this further with you.