Solicitors in Lancashire

Lancashire is a county in the north west of England, so named because of its namesake, the city of Lancaster. Historically a major commercial and industrial region of mill towns and collieries, and boasting an industrial port, Lancashire has moved towards more high-tech industry, including the defence, nuclear power and aerospace industries.

Today the defence and aerospace industries comprise the largest industries in the local economy, with several defence firms and manufacturing sites located there. Many Lancashire solicitor firms are therefore specialists in defence law and related regulatory issues. Lancashire’s aerospace industry is the largest area of aerospace manufacturing and production in the UK and is globally recognised and competitive. Several Lancashire solicitor firms are specialists in aviation law, serving local and global business in the aviation industry.

In addition to these specialist niche areas of law, Lancashire solicitor firms can assist local small and medium-sized businesses with the spectrum of business and commercial law issues, including business start-up, employment, and complex areas such as intellectual property. Solicitors in Lancashire can also assist individuals with criminal, family and a broad range of civil law matters.

If you require legal assistance but cannot afford a private solicitor, you may be able to obtain assistance from the Lancaster Citizens Advice Bureau, located at 87 King Street, Lancaster, LA1 3EJ.

If you need to attend court, the Lancaster Magistrates’ Court is located on George Street, Lancaster, LA1 1XZ. The Lancaster County Court is located on the 2nd Floor of Mitre House on Church Street, Lancaster, LA1 1UZ. The Lancaster Crown Court is located in Castle Hill, Lancaster, LA1 1YJ.

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