Solicitors in Edinburgh: an introduction

Solicitors in Edinburgh: you may need their services for many reasons. Edinburgh plays host to an array of festivals and other events each year including the Edinburgh Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Both of these bring tens of thousands of individuals pouring into the city. As a result there are a multitude of reasons why lawyers in Edinburgh would be required – looking after tourism-based services, conveyancing, licensing and other commercial matters, as well as employment law.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and Scotland’s second largest city. Edinburgh is well known for several things, one of them is being the home of the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Parliament is democratically elected every four years and its members are referred to as Members of the Scottish Parliament or MSPs.

Courts in Scotland are managed by the Scotland Courts Service, details of which can be found on their website at The Edinburgh Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court can be located at Sheriff Court House, 27 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LB. The court deals with criminal matters, civil issues, small claims and family work including divorce: areas of our expert solicitors in Edinburgh as well.

The city is a centre for historical buildings and areas of heritage. Within Edinburgh there are over 4,500 listed buildings and in 1995 the Old and New town areas of the city were listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, one of only a handful World Heritage sites located within the United Kingdom.

Solicitors in Edinburgh: how they can help you

If you are have a legal matter that you are considering taking to the Sheriff’s Court then you should consider gaining some legal advice from one of our solicitors in Edinburgh prior to submitting your case. We can direct you to experienced lawyers in Edinburgh that can provide you with expert advice whatever your legal matter. Our solicitors in Edinburgh can advise you on a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • family law
  • employment law
  • corporate and commercial law
  • wills and probate
  • agricultural law
  • media law

Our solicitors in Edinburgh have been used and come highly recommended so you can be sure you are in the best position possible to succeed with your case.

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