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Small business legal health check

As a business owner you will know from your balance sheets, your cash flow and your projections how healthy your business is - from a financial point of view.

But what about from a legal point of view?

Are you up to date with the latest changes in employment law? Are you in a healthy position when it comes to consumer law? What about your intellectual property?

We have created this legal health check which specifically focuses on small businesses. There are 19 questions, divided into three topics. It will only take you around five minutes, and on submission we will give your business a health score based on your results. If relevant, we will also suggest some areas for you to focus on to help ensure compliance.

Go ahead - how healthy is your business?

And your health check is finished. Click the submit button above and we will display your answers. They will be broken down into three categories and an overall score, with potential focus points for you to think about.