Shropshire solicitors and the local community

Shropshire is one of the England’s most rural counties. The two largest towns in the Shropshire are Telford and Shrewsbury, which are also the main economic centres of the county. Shropshire solicitors mostly specialise in services to the general public, such as estate planning, conveyancing and family law. It was seen as a surprise therefore when news reports were published discussing the resignation of a local magistrate after it was discovered he was posting internet messages about the cases he had dealt with.

The criminal legal system operates in a hierarchical manner, where magistrates’ courts are at the bottom (the first point of contact for criminal defendants). If a case is too complex, the offence too severe or there are other reasons for doing so, a case is then referred to the Crown Court. Magistrates are not legal professionals. A former magistrate at the Telford magistrates’ court, who is an IT consultant by profession, had been using Twitter in order to report on decisions he had made. He saw this as a public service, since the report was based on past decisions, and was in fact public knowledge. However once a complaint had been lodged against him he found that the whole matter was blown out of proportion, and decided to resign, still claiming he did absolutely nothing wrong.

If you are involved in criminal proceedings, Shropshire solicitors can help by providing you professional advice and ensuring that you understand the legal procedures you are about to take part in. The same is true for civil cases, although it is likely that you should seek the advice of different Shropshire solicitors in each case.

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