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Legal Story Media Exposure
May 2013: Good practice standards for legal sites Legal Futures
February 2013: Getting tenancy deposits back This Is Money
June 2012: How to Avoid Tax Like Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow International Business Times
April 2012: Suppliers: Letting agents Cowboy Traders, Channel 5
March 2012a: Big rise in the number of SMEs calling in debt recovery experts Business Matters
March 2012b: Bad debt on the rise SmallBusiness
February 2012a: Small businesses struggle under debt mountain Management Today
 February 2012b: RuneScape Gaming Theft: Dutch Court Treats Virtual Accessories As Real Life Property Huffington Post
February 2012c: Late payments leading many SMEs into serious debt SharedServicesLink
February 2012d: SME's cash strapped thanks to unpaid invoices Business News
January 2012a: Six in 10 doctors report increase in whiplash injuries Telegraph
January 2012b: Kill the compensation culture and cut the cost of insurance
December 2011a: Employment law reforms are 'unworkable', say lawyers Law Gazette
December 2011b: How to make sure you have a happy Christmas
December 2011c: What to do if a present doesn't arrive in time, or isn't quite right Sunday Mirror
November 2011: Cable's employment reforms 'provide cover for workplace bullying'
October 2011: How to get divorced cheaply
September 2011a: Lawyers concerned over ABS impact, survey suggests Law Gazette
September 2011b: Why prenups are becoming popular with women Times
September 2011c: How to choose a company solicitor
August 2011a: Lawyers see rise in insolvency and employment work Law Gazette
August 2011b: Buyer beware: thousands of house prices blighted Telegraph
August 2011c: How to pick a solicitor
July 2011a: The 'dirty secret': Are insurance referral fees a racket? BBC News Business
July 2011b: More than 70 per cent of adults don't have a's why you should Mirror
July 2011c: Lawyering up: when, why and how SMEWEB
June 2011: Choosing a legal advisor:Considerations for small businesses
May 2011a: Stressed employees fear being sacked
May 2011b: Firms freeze trainee recruitment, survey suggests Law Gazette
May 2011c: Law firms cut back on graduate hires HR Magazine
May 2011d: Law firms cut back on graduate recruitment Graduate Interview Coach
May 2011e: Graduate lawyers face "tough year" Your First Move
April 2011a: Contact Law on the Jeff Randall Show YouTube
April 2011b: Bumping up injury claims is a real pain for motorists Daily Express
April 2011c: Employment lawyers see surge in disputes Law Gazette
April 2011d: Personal injury solicitors will cut use of CFAs, according to poll Law Gazette
April 2011e: First-time buyers guide to home buying and mortgages My Finances
April 2011f: Law firm launches online fixed-fee service Law Gazette
April 2011g: Call for legal insurance overhaul BBC
April 2011h: Ridley & Hall speak out against funding reform Huddersfield Daily Examiner
April 2011i: Driving down costs of car insurance Daily Express
March 2011a: Firms make 'initial contact' with external investors Law Gazette
March 2011b: IHT bills cut for those leaving at least 10% to charity Money Observer
March 2011c: Govt to introduce 10% IHT charity deal Money Marketing
Dec 2010a: Almost half of solicitors impossible to reach after 5pm Legal Futures
Dec 2010b: Consumers unattracted by non-legal brands Law Gazette
Nov 2010: Law firms need to be more proactive in selling their services Law Gazette
Oct 2010: Increase in employment law enquiries Law Gazette
Sep 2010a: The impact of the new Legal Services Act on practice areas Law Gazette, Legalbrief
Sep 2010b: The LSA and the importance of loyalty Solicitors Journal
Sep 2010c: Firms miss out on consumer calls LawGazette
Aug 2010: Rise in legal claims over redundancy
May 2010a: Contact Law announces 150,000th client  
May 2010b: Conclusive evidence that referral fees benefit the legal market  
March 2010: Bullying in the workplace FT
Feb 2010: Family law disputes over children on rise Law Gazette
Jan 2010: Another new Contact Law service  
Dec 2009: Drop in demand for employment dispute lawyers CityAM
Nov 2009: Contact Law introduces a new service to boost public access to barristers