Lawyers in Liverpool

If you are involved in criminal or civil proceedings it is largely beneficial to have the assistance of a lawyer. Liverpool has an interesting history and as a major port it has been an important place for trading since its origins. As a result of being a large port, Liverpool had a lot to do with slave trading and used to ship slaves from Africa to the West Indies.

The Slave Trade Act was passed in 1807 which forbade the trade of slaves, though slavery itself was not abolished until 1833. There was serious opposition to the abolition of the slave trade across the country, and due to its economic reliance on the slave trade much of this opposition came from merchants in Liverpool.

Lawyers can help you with every aspect of your case whether your case is criminal or civil. A civil claim can be brought by a person without representation, though in order to ensure damages are not reduced it is often preferable to have the assistance of a lawyer. Liverpool has a number of courts, but the main civil and family court is located at 35 Vernon Street Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 2BX.

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