Lawyers in Glasgow

If you are involved in any sort of legal dispute, you should contact a lawyer. Glasgow plays host to an array of different law firms specialising in a range of different subjects. Whether you want Glasgow solicitors from a small firm with a personalised service, or from a large, international commercial law firm, you will be able to find local Glasgow solicitors that are right for you.

The outskirts of Glasgow have high-street firms which tend to specialise in areas of the law relevant to the individual; for example, wills and probate, residential conveyancing, private client, immigration, personal injury and estate planning etc. If you require a lawyer specialising in these types of subjects, they are more likely to be found outside the city centre in the quieter areas of the city. Also, lawyers in the outer suburbs of the city tend to be more affordable than central Glasgow lawyers.

However, if you run or own a business, you may require a commercial lawyer. Glasgow city centre is packed with commercial lawyers who can provide your business with all the legal services they require. Glasgow has the largest economy in Scotland and the city has a huge commercial presence in Europe. Law firms operating in the heart of Glasgow reflect this fact; they tend to focus on providing legal services to multi-national corporations.

Glasgow is also one of the biggest financial centres in Europe. Therefore it is not difficult to find a financial lawyer in the city. Glasgow is home to some of the biggest financial and commercial-oriented law firms in the UK and Europe.

The city also plays host to both civil and criminal courts. The address of the High Court in Glasgow is Justiciary Buildings, Saltmarket, Glasgow, G1 5JU. This court hears complex, high-value civil disputes.

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