Lawyers in Coventry

If you require any form of legal advice it is best to contact a lawyer. Coventry has a range of law firms specialising in different areas. One area that a number of firms in the area practise in is civil litigation and personal injury. An interesting case was brought against an NHS trust in Coventry back in 2006. In Keown vs Coventry Healthcare NHS Trust, the claimant attempted to sue the NHS Trust for injuries suffered as a result of falling from the hospital fire escape. While many situations can lead to successful claims for medical negligence, it was held by the Court of Appeal that the Trust was not liable as the claimant caused their own injuries. The case attracted a lot of media attention in Coventry.

In addition to civil litigation, if you are involved in criminal litigation, you should contact a lawyer. Coventry has a magistrates’ court which can hear a range of criminal matters. The address of this court is Little Park Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2SQ. A lawyer should provide you with representation at criminal hearings. They can also advise you on the relevant procedures that need to be complied with.

It is not difficult to find an employment lawyer if that’s the area of law you are embroiled in, but it may be tough finding the right one for you. Coventry has a number a law firms which specialise in providing employment law advice, and lawyers can help with all employment matters, including bringing and defending claims in the local employment tribunal. There are also lawyers in Coventry who specialise in a range of other areas of law including private client. However, it is important to ensure you work with the right-sized firm which has the requisite experience.

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