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Bradford obtained city status in 1974 after local government reform, and with a population of nearly half a million Bradford is the fourth most populous borough in the UK. It is significant that Bradford was historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, as it became the centre of the textile revolution that took place during the industrial revolution, with Bradford being best-known in the wool industry.

The industrial heritage of Bradford has been replaced largely with tourism. Also, Bradford has become popular as a migrant destination. As such you can expect the city to offer a wide range of legal services. For instance, Bradford has the second largest population of Muslims in England and Wales, behind only London.

Even with the industrial decline that Bradford has experienced since its heyday as the wool capital of the UK, many businesses still use the city as their base. Large companies in the retail, travel and electronics sectors have offices in the city. This has encouraged the legal support that the city can offer to diversify. If you need help with a civil or criminal case, Bradford has a lawyer that can help you.

A lawyer in Bradford can also help you if your case comes to court. Bradford currently has two courts. The first is the Combined Court. You can find the court at:

Bradford Law Courts
Exchange Square
Drake Street
West Yorkshire
Main switchboard: 01274 840 274

The second court in Bradford is the magistrates’ court. You can find the court at:

The Tyrls
West Yorkshire
Main switchboard: 01274 390 111

If you need initial legal advice before contacting a lawyer in Bradford, you can use the Citizens Advice Bureau. You can find their offices at Broadacre House, Vicar Lane; telephone: 0845 120 2909.

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