How might mediation help with unfair dismissal claims?

Mediation can be a very useful for resolving unfair dismissal claims in the workplace. The majority of situations will be improved with a sensible approach to the issue, and a willingness to resolve conflicts.

When might mediation work in employment issues?

Mediation offers the advantage of being flexible, allowing the parties to create solutions that suit their needs. It also maintains and protects the relationships between the parties, which is important if the employment relationship is to continue after an unfair dismissal claims.

Mediation helps to improve communication between the parties and facilitate the improvement of lines of communication.

When might it not be applicable?

Unfortunately, mediation is not suitable for all types of unfair dismissal claims.

The most obvious example is if there has been violence of a discriminatory nature or harassment on the behalf of either of the parties. Mediation will also be unsuitable if there is a great deal of animosity or emotional tension between the parties, as they will be required to put this behind them for the purpose of the mediation process. It mightb e easier to do this in a tribunal.

Before going ahead with mediation for an unfair dismissal claim, seek legal advice from an employment solicitor. Although the costs of using an employment solicitor may seem prohibitive, you may be able to find a no-win, no-fee employment solicitor willing to pursue your unfair dismissal claim.

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