Five FAQs about emigration

What are the main legal issues to be aware of when emigrating to another country?

Most people who emigrate have to contend with the red tape that exists when anyone moves to another country, such as applying for the right visa and whether you are able to buy property in that country. Your solicitor will be an invaluable aid in every aspect of your emigration. If you are unsure about any part of your move, always obtain legal advice before taking any action.

Will I give up my UK citizenship when I emigrate?

No, as you will be considered an immigrant in the new country you will be living in. You can at some point apply to become a citizen of the country to which you have moved. If you do decide on this course of action, a solicitor in your new country can assist you with your application to become a full citizen.

What about pensions when I move to another country?

Before you move it is important to fully understand how your pension could be affected by emigrating to another country. In addition, whether the country you are moving to in inside or outside of the EEA (European Economic Area) could affect your pension rights. Consult with a specialist emigration solicitor, as they can assess your circumstances.

Can I still access the health services in the UK when living abroad?

Generally speaking you would need to make a new provision for your healthcare outside of the UK with health insurance. Your solicitor can also help you understand your welfare rights when you have moved abroad. It is important that you thoroughly understand how the health and welfare systems work in the country you will be living in.

How can a solicitor help with my emigration plans?

As there are a great deal of formal processes to move through in order to emigrate, the help and advice of an emigration solicitor will be vital. If the solicitor can also speak the language of the country to which you are moving, this too can be a great advantage. And an emigration solicitor will be vital if you are refused entry into the country of your choice.

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