Five FAQs about business start-ups

What can a solicitor help me with when starting up my new business?

Along with your accountant, a company and commercial solicitor can provide vital services to your new business. Initially, ensuring your new business complies with all relevant regulations will be the main service that a company and commercial solicitor can offer you.

What are the legal structures I can use for my company?

Most new small businesses will begin as sole traders, but you can start a limited company or a partnership. Each of these structures has their own legal implications of which you should be aware. Company and commercial solicitors can advise you on which structure is most suitable for your new business.

Does my business need any licenses?

Depending on the type of business you are starting up, you may need to obtain some licences. For instance, if your business will sell alcohol to the public you will need a liquor licence. Some businesses in the food sector also need licences to operate. Your company and commercial solicitors can help you ensure all relevant licences are applied for and in place before you begin trading.

How can a solicitor help if I am going to trade online?

Many businesses begin by trading online. Your solicitor can ensure that the terms and conditions that must appear on your website are accurate and satisfy the legal requirements. Your solicitor can also help with other issues such as intellectual property law, and also the accessibility regulations with which all websites must comply.

Must I have a solicitor when I start my new business?

You will certainly find that as you begin to plan your business many legal questions will present themselves. A company and commercial solicitor will be able to answer these queries. And looking into the future, a solicitor will become an essential part of your new business’s management team.

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Important information

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