Do you need a Spanish lawyer?

If you need advice on Spanish law then you will need to instruct a firm of Spanish lawyers. Firms of Spanish lawyers exist all across the world and are not unique to Spain. If you want to find Spanish lawyers in the UK or in Spain, we can help as we work with a number of Spanish firms both in Spain and here in the UK.

Spanish property

If you are emigrating from England to Spain you will probably need assistance with a number of Spanish legal issues including assistance with buying property in Spain.

  • It may be preferable for you to have solicitors near to where you are living so that you can attend the offices easily as required; so if you are living in England you could instruct Spanish lawyers in England to assist you
  • However, because there are many British people living in Spain, there are also many legal firms there that are run either by British lawyers or English-speaking Spanish lawyers. Many are property law specialists, catering for British expats buying houses in Spain

Spanish property laws for expat buyers are complex and very different from UK law. You should never buy property in Spain without taking advice on local legislation from a Spanish lawyer. You should also consider the implications for tax, and property ownership in a marriage or partnership under Spanish laws.

Wills and probate

You may need legal advice on issues such as inheritance laws and how to make a will that properly disposes of any Spanish assets you have, and Spanish lawyers will be able to assist with this. Usually you will have to write a separate will for any property that you own which is overseas, as its disposal will fall under the laws of that country, not the UK.


Due to the rules relating to free movement of people in Europe you may not need advice on immigration issues; however, if after three months in Spain you do not intend to work but want to claim Spanish benefits, you may not have the right to remain in the country.

In this case, you will need Spanish lawyers to advise you on your immigration issues. If you intend to work or are self-sufficient then you should have no problems residing in Spain along with your family, but a solicitor’s advice will still be very useful indeed.

Setting up a business in Spain

If you are thinking about setting up a business in Spain and need help finding out how corporate law and commercial practices there will affect you, it is advisable to consult and be represented by a local Spanish lawyer.

Because Spain is a member of the EU, Spain’s legal system incorporates European laws emanating from Brussels. Although this means that there are certain similarities between the legal systems of all the EU member states, each member state interprets and implements European laws in different ways. It is essential, therefore, always to consult a Spanish lawyer for expert advice on Spanish law.

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