Finding a lawyer in Preston

Preston came into commercial significance during the Industrial Revolution, during which time the city was famous for its cotton mills and, subsequently, riots by workers who suffered poor conditions in these mills. Though modern Preston has evolved significantly since that era, it has retained a strong industrial economy with nuclear plants and manufacturing companies being major employers.

Due to this commercial activity, a number of law firms in the Preston specialise in corporate law. This includes banking, finance, litigation and commercial property, as well as niche areas such as intellectual property law. Finding a corporate lawyer in Preston will therefore not be hard, however if you want more information on the type of legal services necessary for your problem or query, Contact Law can help you find the right lawyer in Preston for your specific requirements.

There are many reasons, other than commercial, that someone may need legal advice. Many law firms in Preston cater towards individual, rather than commercial, clients and can offer tailored advice on family, criminal, civil, wills and estates, immigration and employment matters.

If you need some assistance but do not want to instruct a lawyer, you may be able to get some help from the Preston Citizens Advice Bureau. The Bureau can be contacted on 01772 424 282. However, if your matter is particularly complex or likely to result in a protracted dispute, it is advisable to employ a private solicitor.

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