Divorce law

One of the largest and most common areas of law in the UK, divorce law has a wealth of information attached to it that is important to understand. If you are thinking of getting a divorce (or are being forced to get one) you will be looking to find out how much it will cost, how your possessions and assets will be affected, what might happen to your children, and how to actually go about the whole process.

As such, we have information pages grouped into the following categories:

  • Admin
  • By location
  • Costs
  • Financial settlement
  • Grounds
  • General Information

One factor to bear in mind with divorce is that it is necessary for it to be certified by a court of law to become effective. You will always, even with collaborative divorce, need to use the courts system at some point, and so ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible is essential.

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Important information

For [selected AoL] law, solicitors will charge a minimum fee of £250 to provide an initial consultation and written opinion on your case. We have a number of recommended law firms in our network who could provide this service to you at the most competitive price. If you would like to proceed, click ‘Paid advice’ below and one of our advisors will call you on a free-of-charge basis to discuss this further with you.