Cheap divorce lawyers

When thinking about divorcing your husband or wife, does the cost of a divorce worry you? Are you spending time on the internet scouring for cheap divorce lawyers?

Call us and we can explain the different options when it comes to getting a divorce or choosing the mediation route.

The cost of a divorce

The reality is that the cost of a divorce can put many off the process. It’s easy to be tempted by a cheap divorce, whether it is:

  • An online divorce service
  • A do-it-yourself divorce kit bought online or from a book shop

The price may be right, but be advised that such low-cost divorces are not created to suit all couples.

Do not be easily fooled by an inexpensive price tag. In many cases the price and description may not give you the full picture and certainly an online divorce or ‘do-it-yourself’ kit does not cater for all couples and their differing individual circumstances.

The dangers of cheap divorce lawyers

It is a simple fact that going through a divorce can be a complicated matter. Without the correct preparation and legal guidance it is increasingly found that many either fail to follow the legal procedure correctly, increasing the time it takes to get a divorce.

This can mean more costs or trouble when sorting out finances and where any children should live. It is the latter which, if using a cheap method of divorce, can cause more emotional distress than it’s worth, and which will cost you more to resolve in the long run.

Low-cost divorces, such as the kind offered on the internet, may offer the low fixed fee which you’re looking for, but they are not created with all couples and situations in mind.

If you and your spouse agree on the following matters, then your situation is straightforward and a low-cost divorce lawyer may be for you:

  • Divorce
  • How your finances should be divided
  • Where you children should live following divorce

However, if you and your spouse do not agree on the issues noted above then it is advised that you seek guidance from a specialist divorce solicitor at the beginning of the process.

What should I do next?

At Contact Law, we have a large network of specialist divorce lawyers. Our wide-ranging network is built so that we can transfer our clients to lawyers to suits all types of circumstances.

If you need to obtain advice on divorce, there is no need to spend hours on the internet searching for ‘cheap divorce lawyers’. We can transfer you to an experienced divorce solicitor who can help your situation by giving you the advice you need, tailored to your specific situation.

Some of our divorce lawyers are also experienced in providing legal aid, which can help with legal costs. If you would like help in assessing your eligibility for legal aid, then Contact Law can put you in touch with local specialist divorce lawyers.

Find out more about the dangers of cheap divorces at our page on online divorces.

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Important information

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