Cheap conveyancing

A cheap (it’s relative!) conveyancing solicitor can be found, and they may well be able to carry out the necessary work for a flat agreed fee. However, you should ensure they are able to fulfil everything you need.

How much should I pay for conveyancing?

There is no reason why you should pay above the going rate for conveyancing. When searching for cheap conveyancing, you should get a number of quotes from a range of different conveyancing firms.

A number of firms are being forced to offer cheap conveyancing given the reduction of conveyancing work due to the effects of the 'credit crunch'.

However, when determining which quote to take up, you should not just base your decision on who is the cheapest. You should also consider who can offer you the best service.

You should only get your conveyancing done by specialists who are regulated by their appropriate body. All law firms who offer conveyancing should be:

  • Regulated by the Law Society. You can check to see if a firm is regulated by visiting the Law Society's website
  • Regulated by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers - again, check their website

In no circumstances should you use an unregulated conveyancer just because they are cheap. Whilst they might offer you cheap conveyancing, the standard of their work may be well below par. If this is the case, you may purchase a property with major defects or incumbrances.

Such defects would have been brought to your attention prior to purchasing the property had you used a regulated professional.

How to choose the right law firm

You may be referred to a so-called ‘cheap conveyancing solicitor’ by your estate agent or mortgage broker. However, remember that estate agents and mortgage brokers claim a referral fee from solicitors who get clients referred to them.

In all likelihood they will also only work with one or two firms, and they may be a general firm which offers conveyancing but doesn’t specialise in that area of law.

You must not instruct a conveyancing solicitor simply because they offer competitive rates. Whilst using a cheap conveyancing solicitor may be tempting, there are a number of checks you should do before hiring them:

  • Firstly, you should check the reputation of the law firm that the solicitor works for. They should be a well-respected firm generally. However, more specifically they should be well-known and respected for their conveyancing work
  • Secondly, you should check the reputation and level of experience of the solicitor offering you the conveyancing service. This may be done by doing some research into the solicitor using legal directories

Whilst this process may seem tedious, it is imperative that you instruct a qualified, competent solicitor to carry out your conveyancing.

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