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Law firm fighting back against Government no-win, no-fee measures

The Government is looking to cut the availability of no-win, no-fee personal injury cases in order to put a stop to what they consider has become an over-litigious culture in Britain.

In response, a personal injury firm is now trying to encourage victims to make their claims by offering them money in advance.

The firm, GT Law, which is also hoping to become accepted as an alternative business structure, will offer potential clients £1,500 if they can produce a medical report and insurer’s admission of liability.

The Director of the firm, Gordon Tucker, said, “Some people will say ‘they’re trying to encourage more personal injury claims’ but they miss the point.

“Insurers are in complete control of this industry and we can’t compete with the money they spend on publicity. We’re just trying to get clients to come to us as opposed to their insurer.”

If the settlement comes to less than the money given in advance, there will be no need for the client to repay any money to GT Law. According to the Law Gazette, the advanced payment will replace payments currently made to claims management companies and insurers in referral fees.

Whether this might have the effect of causing more people to spuriously claim could be a concern, but as it is in its early stages we don’t know what the full situation is. Some injured parties are left without any income as their injury prevents them from returning to work, and this advance could be of great benefit to their daily life.

Do you think that advanced personal injury payments a bad idea?

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