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What does the law say on ultra vires company actions?

The company law on ultra vires company actions has changed recently, with certain provisions of the Companies Act 2006 coming into force on 1 October 2009. Prior to this date companies were required by company law to have a Memorandum of Association. A commercial solicitor can explain the full implications of the Act. (more…)

Our commercial law blog mostly covers topics relevant to small business operators and franchisors. It covers topical issues, such as how companies can set up in the UK, how to change your companies memorandum of association, and the law on ultra vires company actions.

Check out our blog regularly, as we’ll cover all types of commercial law questions, including protecting intellectual property rights, the best debt collection methods, directors’ duties, reporting obligations, and compliance with the Companies Act 2006. As new developments arise in the news and media, we will explore the implications for UK businesses here.

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