Medical negligence - what do you need to know?

Medical negligence claims can be made after consulting a medical negligence lawyer. We will match you to that lawyer at no charge to you.

Medical negligence: who can you claim against?

If you have suffered from medical negligence and you believe your GP, dentist or hospital is at fault, you may be entitled to compensation through legal action.

What can you claim for?

Medical negligence claims may be made for death or serious disability or injury resulting from medical error or misjudgement. You may also claim for less serious problems; for instance, you might have lost your front teeth through dental error, or had a broken leg set incorrectly. Depending on your case, you and your family may be able to win compensation for suffering, pain, the loss of earnings and the cost of care, housing and social needs, for now and the future. A medical negligence lawyer can assist you with your claim.

How Contact Law can help

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